BFGoodrich Winter Salomon KSI


State-of-the-art looks and the ability to take you where you want to go throughout the winter make the BFGoodrich®️ Winter Salomon®️KSI Key Snow & Ice the right time for all types of cold weather adventures. The KSI features winter regenerating compounds,which are micropores that provide grip mechanisms for continued traction on snow & ice.The optimizing sipe configuration offers better block stability for improved handling and wear,plus enhance cornering and breaking on snow,ice & sluch, wet and dry roads. More hydroplaning resistance and deep snow traction come from full lateral grooves and increased tread voids. BFG’s Etec System, or equal tension containment system,is available on most sizes which basically provides a consistent foot print and maximum tread contact under any speed,giving you better control on the road no matter what the weather.